Think Globally, Act Locally

The aim of this course is that students will acquire a global view and be able to adapt to local requirements.

Program Description

Global Business
Management Course

Global Business Management Course has the studying abroad program for 4 months in the second semester of second grade. Students can acquire better English skills, communication skills, wider knowledge, and cultural understanding.

Regional Business
Management Course

Students can have a great experience at internships in companies, in government offices, and at NPOs for 15 weeks. There are a wide variety of internships: those involving retailing, lodging, education, welfare services and so on. Students work for 4 days at workplaces and get advice and feedback on campus from professors 1 day a week. Students will gain a sense of regional needs and practical skills as they play important roles in wide areas as “glocal” citizens.

Study abroad and Internship

The Faculty of Business Administration offers two courses: the Global Business Management Course(GBM) and the Regional Business Management Course(RBM).

In their second year, students can choose either the GBM or RBM course. They then study abroad or have an internship for four months.

Long-term Internship

The Regional Business Management Course includes a 4-month internship program in the second semester of the second year. Students not only gain valuable work experience but also acquire communication skills and knowledge about how to deal with problems. Students can learn in and observe real workplaces in real time, which will help students in their choice of a future carrier.

52 companies and organizations support the internship

Shujitsu University has formed alliances with 52 companies and organizations. All partners are blue-chip companies and famous in Okayama. Therefore, students can learn about the regional economy and good management.

AKAZAWAYA Co., Ltd. / General incorporated association WELL / OHK enterprise Co., Ltd. / Kurashiki Central Hospital (Ohara HealthCare Foundation) / Uchiyama Manufacturing Corp. / The OKAYAMA NPO Center / OKAYAMA GAS Co., Ltd. / Okayama Institute of Languages / Okayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry / OKAYAMA ESTATE AND WAREHOUSING CO.,LTD. / OKAYAMA TOYOTA Co., Ltd. / OKAYAMA TOYOPET Co., Ltd. / CAITAC Corporation / Kasaoka City Office / Kabaya Foods Corporation / KANKO Co., Ltd. / Kibino Kobo Chimichi Non-Profit Organization / CAREER PLANING Co., Ltd. / KURASIKI IVY SQUARE / Kurashiki Cable Television Co., Ltd. / Kurashiki Kokusai Hotel / Kurashiki City Office / KOEIDO CO.,LTD. / Konan-sekkei co.,ltd. / Not-for-profit organization CHILD THEATER KASAOKA CENTER / ZAG ZAG / The Sanyo Shimbun / CUP Co., Ltd. / Syounoutochi Co., Ltd. / STRIPE INTERNATIONAL INC. / Setouchi city Office / Tamano city Office / ANA Crowne Plaza Okayama / Chugin Securities Co., Ltd. (CHUGOKU BANK) / The Chugoku Electric Power Co.,Inc. / Tenmaya Co., Ltd. / TOMATO BANK / TOMIYA CORPORATION / Haruyama Trading Company Limited. / VIS-À-VIS INC. / FAGIANO OKAYAMA SPORTS CLUB / Fujiwara Techno-Art Co., Ltd. / Benesse BASE COM Co., Ltd. / HOTEL GRANVIA OKAYAMA / Makotoya co. Ltd. / Minamoto Kitchoan Co., Ltd. / Mimatsu Co., Ltd. / 宮下酒造 / Okayama Share Foundation / Ryobi Holdings / The Association of Medical Doctors of Asia : AMDA / RSK PROVISION INC.

Study abroad

Shujitsu University has some partner universities around the world. Students who plan to study abroad will start preparation since the first year for 1.5 years as taking English 4 classes in a week to understand the classes in the partner universities. It is the compulsory course for 4 months. Students can improve their English skills and also acquire wide knowledge in the top level universities. So they will work as the global leader.

13 partner universities in 9 countries

Our alliance partners are excellent universities in Asia, Canada and the USA. Therefore, students have an unprecedented chance to interact with foreign students.

  • University Of Guam[USA]
  • University of Kent[the UNITED KINGDOM]
  • Royal Roads University[CANADA]
  • Nankai University[CHINA]
  • China Pharmaceutical University[CHINA]
  • Pukyong National University[KOREA]
  • Sangmyung University[KOREA]
  • Kyungsung University[KOREA]
  • Kongju National University[KOREA]
  • National Tsing Hua University[TAIWAN]
  • Kasetsart University[THAILAND]
  • Udayana University[INDONESIA]
  • Hue University[VIETNAM]

Seminar in a small group
through 4 years

Students can study in seminars from their first year. 1 professor teaches 5 or 6 students.

The content of seminars is diverse, depending on each professor’s research area or the academic year. Students have much time to communicate with their professor and seminar friends.

Seminars form the basis of student life.

student–teacher ratio of


Outline of English education

In their first year, students have 4 English classes each week. A curriculum to improve English communication skills is offered, to develop global leaders.

English learning
program-General English

At the Faculty of Business Administration, General English classes are taught by native English teachers every day.

There are 3 levels, based on student TOEIC scores.
Also, in the second semester, TOEIC content is taught through not only communication but also grammar lectures by native English teachers.

Communication skills will be developed in these year-long English programs.

English “to use”

At the Faculty of Business Administration, first-year students have English camp.

During this camp, students speak only English. The aim of this camp is that students will realize the difficulty and pleasure of using English, and that students will be motived to learn English. Even those who feel that they are good at English will find it difficult to communicate because of a lack of vocabulary and due to tasks to refine their skills through group work.

However, it is not too hard because there are some enjoyable activities and games.


Put a theory into practice,
Learn a theory from practice

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Case of
specialized course











Message From
the Dean

What will you study at the School of Business Administration? What is the difference between Economics and Management Sceience? Perhaps you may have a very vague image about both Economics and Management.

Economics is said to have started with the publication of “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith in 1776. It has, therefore, a history of about 240 years. In those days, physiocrat insisted that the agriculture was most important industry, while mercantilist argued that only way to increase wealth is to buy things cheap and sell them at higher price. Adam Smith made it clear how a nation could increase its affluence by citing the case of production of pins. 
Management Science was said to have started when a Master’s Degree in Business Administration was founded at Harvard University in 1908. In the same year, General Motors was established. While Economics involves national wealth, Management has more to do with companies and NPOs. How can we form and manage productive organizations? How can we generate new innovations and increase the capital market value of companies?

Okayama has produced many excellent entrepreneurs. Just to name a few, The King of Salt Production, Buzaemon Nozaki, the founder of Kurabo Industry Magosaburou Oohara, Kirin Brewery Hakaru Isono, Asahi Beer Kyohei Magoshi, All Nippon Airways Masaichi Midoro and Kaheita Okazaki, Toshiba Toshio Doko.

One of the goals of the Shujitsu School of Business Administration is to help develop young students who will be business leaders in the Okayama area and beyond. It includes two courses, one to train students through study abroad and one that focuses on training in leading local companies through a long-term internship. Seminar style study starts from the first year, the main aim being at home-like individualized education.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Shujitsu Faculty of Business Administration. We would like to work with those with a passion for new challenges. Let us start a new page together.

Shinsaku Sam Sugiyama

Marketing Strategy

Kenji Taniguchi

Agricultural Economics

Yasumasa Osaki


Shozo Saegusa

Technology Strategy

Akinari Nomoto

Marketing Research

Toshikatsu Hayashi

Data Science

Xianghua Jiang
Associate Professor

Business Strategies,
International Business

Masatsugu Sanada
Associate Professor

Financial Accounting International Accounting

Kanae Teramoto
Associate Professor

Business ethics

Keiko Yamaki
Associate Professor

Anthropology (in Business)

Mitsutaka Aoyama
Assistant Professor

Industrial Marketing

Ken Ohkura
Assistant Professor

Production System

Taiki Kagami
Assistant Professor

International Marketing

Rie Sakuraki
Assistant Professor

Channel Management

Arata Suzuki
Assistant Professor

Management Accounting

Sayako Miura
Assistant Professor

Organizational Theory
Strategic Management


The new building was completed in the spring of 2015.


Today, there are a wide variety of learning styles. The“i-cafe” has Internet connections and other tools for learning, which will help students to study in various ways.


“agora” is a Greek word that means “gathering place”. As the Greek people discussed politics and learning there, students can study freely in this space.


The learning commons is an important area. Our new building has a “S-commons”. There is a meeting space, and study desks and presentation equipment, which students can use anytime.


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